Funding Restored For 4-H - Now Accepting New Members!

At state fair on Saturday morning, I received very welcome news.  King County Council has passed the budget addendum proposed by King County Executive Dow Constantine and funding for 4-H in King County is back in the budget and will be for the next four years.  Not only will we have 4-H in 2012-13 in King County, but everyone who has been waiting since last January can now enroll in 4-H!

We just finished up with state fair for rabbits yesterday with nine Kelsey Creek Critters participating.  Everyone represented our club and county admirably and I'm pleased to announce that our King County senior and intermediate judging teams placed second overall in the state.  That is a team effort with other rabbit members in other clubs who qualified to be on the state team at county fair.

We will begin our new 4-H year in October - I have been informed that we will have new enrollment forms for new enrollees that have yet to be distributed.  I also have not yet received re-enrollment forms for returning members.  Therefore, rather than have a meeting tomorrow (9/18/12) for families interested in joining, I will be embedding a slideshow on this blog today that covers the information I would have presented in person.  I invite any and all interested in joining our club or wanting to check out 4-H to come to our first business meeting of the new year on Tuesday, October 2 at 7pm at Kelsey Creek Farm.  I will have the correct paperwork at the time for returning members and new members.  We meet in the educational barn which is the first barn you see (the other houses farm animals).  Please park on the main road in the park, not on the access road up to and next to the educational barn.

Pictures of state fair participants and my 4-H orientation slideshow will be coming soon!