Snack Schedule 2014-2015

Date:                 Family
10/21/2014       Moretti
11/4/2014         St. Mary
12/2/2014        Mattison
1/6/2015          Pope
1/20/2015        Bartlett
2/3/2015          Baumann
3/3/2015          Porter
3/17/2015        Byron
4/7/2015          Van Beeks
5/19/2015        Byron
6/2/2015          Pope
6/16/2015        Bartlett


State Fair September 12-14 and Upcoming 4-H Year

What is going on with Kelsey Creek Critters 4-H Club right now?  Several members who qualified are making last minute preparations for State Fair.  4-H rabbits and exhibitors check-in and begin their state fair weekend on Friday, September 12 and checkout on Sunday September 14.

If you are interested in joining Kelsey Creek Critters and wondering when we get back to our regular schedule, we will begin regular meetings and have our first community service project in October at Kelsey Creek Farm Fair.

October 7, 7pm:  First business meeting of 2014-15 4-H Year
October 11, 10am-4:30pm:  Kelsey Creek Farm Fair
October 21, 7pm:  First project meeting of 2-14-15 4-H Year

Interested in joining?  Check out this Joining Kelsey Creek Critters slideshow which gives an overview of the national and state 4-H program and our club.

Schedule of State Fair Events:
Friday 9/12/14
7am-10am - Vet check and rabbit and  exhibitor check-in
11am - Exhibitor and Superintendent Meeting
1pm - Judging and Breed ID contest (intermediates and seniors only)

Saturday 9/13/14
6:30am-8am - Barn cleanup and rabbit care
1pm  - Rabbit Fit and Show

Sunday 9/14/14
6:30am-8am - Barn cleanup and rabbit care
9am - Rabbit Type Judging
5pm - Awards Ceremony
6:30pm - Animal and exhibitor checkout


King County Fair 2014, Friday 7/18

Today at King County Fair, rabbits were judged for type and exhibitors participated in showmanship.  Five Critters received callbacks to the championship round of showmanship - Angelina, Teresa, Anna, Scarlet and Claire.  Well done!

Bernie's first year at fair

Nancy - junior showmanship

Julie - junior showmanship

Warren - primary showmanship

Emily and Linda - Intermediate Showmanship

Angelina and Teresa - Intermediate Showmanship and Callbacks!

Emma, Fiona and Kate - Senior Showmanship

Anna, Scarlet and Claire - Senior Showmanship and Callbacks!

Timothy Hey!

All pictures are sole copyright of Jackie Hubbard.


Kelsey Creek Critters Bunny Bonanza 2014!

Kelsey Creek Critters 2014 Bunny Bonanza is the last King County 4-H Show and chance to qualify to show at the King County Fair July 17-20, 2014!  Judges Charmaine Wardrop and Monica Frederickson will be on hand for type and fit and show, there will be a great raffle, concessions for morning and lunch refreshments and a costume contest!  We will be at our lovely outdoor venue at Kelsey Creek Farm.  Dress and plan to be outside - we will provide sheltered rest areas for exhibitors and their rabbits; the weather forecast is for highs in the 70s and sunny!  Check out our show information page and download the registration form to email to Kate Suggs, our show secretary.  Payment can be made on morning of show.


Meeting Canceled 5/6/14

4-H meeting canceled tonight due to unforeseeable circumstances.


Leaders Show Registration

On Tuesday we talked about the leaders show that will be on March 22nd at the Enumclaw Expo. The registration for the show is here. Remember is you give them money day of show it will cost more.

Registration Doc: