KCC Logo Commission Update

Here is this beginning sketch for the logo i ordered for our club <3
It should be done soon! We are still messing around with the placing of everything, but it will look absolutely fantastic when she is done!

Updated again (lines done!):
Update with color:
Abby very smartly looked up the 4-H emblem rules before we finished up and found out that if using the 4-H logo, you can't cover it up whatsoever! This gave us the choice between making the 4-H clover hover above the rabbits, or making just a regular clover(without the 4 H's) behind the rabbits like we had it before. Have a preference? Email me! Click here to see 4-H emblem rules.


Greensleeves 4-H Club Spring Rabbit Show Sign Up

On March 28th Greensleeves 4-H Club is having a show. We would like 100% attendance at this show, so get your sign up sheets in! Click here to see the entry form:


Rainier Rabbits ARBA youth show, Enumclaw Fairgrounds

Ok everyone! As you might remember us mentioning at past rabbits meetings, Rainier Rabbits is having a show on march 7th! Click here to see the entry form:

It is now to late to send in the entries by mail, but you can still pre-register over email, or just sign up the day of the show <3



Hey everyone I am thinking that I will order a commission for Kelsey Creek Critters. I know some amazing rabbit artists, and I will be ordering a logo for my rabbitry, so I thought maybe I can order one for KCC too. Here is the website to the artist that will do the KCC art:http://abbiesartsyrabbitry.wix.com/abbiesartsyrabbitry
My rabbitries logo is being done my another artist who is also very amazing. I don't think she has a website set up for her art, but I will show you the completed logo when she is done. Her rabbitry website is here:http://rainingroyalty.weebly.com/
Of course, this art does not have to be an official logo or anything, but I thought it might be cool to put on sweatshirts or something.
On the logo, their will be 7 rabbits. If you would like one of your rabbits on the logo, email me at teresa8oats@gmail.com with a picture of your rabbit. I would only like one rabbit per breed, and we are going to put a Lilac and a Holland Lop on it so far, so your rabbit has to be a breed other than those two. Thanks so much everyone I am exited for this! The two artists I mentioned above are open for commissions so if you would like to buy some art of them for your own rabbitry, you can contact them from off their website.

Rabbit Study Links

Hey everyone this is Teresa! I have not had too much to post about lately, but I gathered up links to all the rabbit study guides that I have used from offline. Of course, the best study guides are the two ARBA books, Raising Better Rabbits and Cavies and Standard of Perfection, but these break them down a little.

First off, is a place that a rabbit 4-h friend suggested to me, quizlet. You can make the questions and answers into flashcards and even tests!

These are the two documents that I printed out. One is long and goes into a lot of detail about each rabbit disease, and the other gives a short and accurate answer to cause, symptoms, prevention, and treatment to some diseases.

Next is a guide on fit and show. I think it is a little out of date(lol), but it does have some useful information!

Next we have a link that has all around information about rabbits. It does say somewhere in their that rabbits should be handled as little as possible... which I don't agree with... BUT I have printed out the part about examining your rabbit. Judges do ask you to do this during fit and show, and this was very useful for me.

These four documents I don't have printed out, but in the process of finding the ones that I do have, above, I found these which also seem useful. They all have pretty much the same thing though... but hey, it is very likely that you will learn something new in each one... not that I expect you to read all of them. XD

You can find junior, intermediate, and senior showmanship questions at the Kelsey Creek Critters Downloadable Documents under fit and show. These ones are by far the best out their.
Also, a website that is just getting started, but I think will become one of the best rabbit information websites out their, The Rabbit Guide. It is being done a current 4-H'er. She will be doing art for every single rabbit breed, with a side view of the perfect body type. I will be going to ARBA national convention with her in Oregon, and can't wait!
Thanks everyone I hope this was a little bit useful.