2016-17 4-H Year Begins!

The 2016-17 4-H year for Kelsey Creek Critters begins tonight with our first business meeting of the year.  We begin at 7pm at Kelsey Creek Farm in the education barn.

Online enrollment is now open for the new 4-H year.  All enrollment takes place through the online portal.  Returning members select the I Have a Profile option and new members will create a profile and then complete enrollment:  4-H Online Enrollment System

New this year - we have project leadership for poultry and woodworking projects.  Looking to expand beyond rabbits?  Consider adding poultry and/or woodworking.  More information about these projects will be shared at tonight's meeting.


Summer Hiatus and 2016/17 4-H Year

Kelsey Creek Critters continues to be on summer hiatus until the conclusion of the Washington State 4-H Fair in September.  The new 4-H year will begin on October 1, 2016.  Kelsey Creek Critters will resume meetings on October 4, 2016 at 7pm at Kelsey Creek Farm in Bellevue.  Enrollment is conducted through an online portal that will begin accepting new enrollments after October 1 at this link:  


Upcoming King County 4-H Shows

Kelsey Creek Critters and Rainier Rabbits are going to team up to co-host the King County Spring Rabbit Show in April 9, 2016 at Enumclaw Expo in the rabbit barn.  After the 2015 King County Fair, the clubs agreed that the coop tables that have been in use for decades and are plagued by dry rot, broken wire and stripped screw housings had reached the end of their useful lives and we'd need to work on a new coop table system before the 2016 fair.  This show will be the main fundraiser by the project to underwrite the cost of the new tables.  In addition to fit and show and type judging, we will also have educational display and judging/breed i.d. contests.  This is an excellent opportunity to see how your educational display that you may enter in King County Fair may be improved before the fair entry deadline and to practice judging and breed identification.  Show flyer will be published later this week.  This is one of two King County Fair qualifying shows offered in 2016!
The table skirting and plastic sheeting do a good job of hiding the poor condition of
our old coop tables.  

The tables haven't been stored carefully in several years and have
suffered from exposure to the elements.

Additionally, our solid top tables that we use for type judging and
other contests are very worn and in need of replacement.


Project Meeting/Leadership Retreat Cancelled Tonight!

Due to several power outages and trees down on roads on the east side, Gwen and Jackie have decided to cancel tonight's meeting for safety reasons.  


Washington State Fair 2015

Washington State Fair 2015

Washington State Fair 2015 is officially in the past as we close the 2014-15 4-H year.  Nine members had a great experience and represented King County with class, sportsmanship and enthusiasm.  Seven members received call back ribbons in showmanship to semi-final tables and Nancy V. made it all the way to the championship table for juniors.  Paul S. earned an Award of Merit for his public presentation and Linda V. earned an Award of Merit for her blue dress with the daisies for Fashion Revue.  The King County senior judging team won 3rd place in state - 5 of the 8 members of the judging team were Kelsey Creek Critters!

Our 2015-16 4-H year begins on Tuesday, October 6 at Kelsey Creek Farm with our first business meeting of the year.  We'll also be participating at Farm Fair at Kelsey Creek Farm on October 10, 2015.


Kelsey Creek Critters Testify About King County Fair and 4-H

Photo Credit - Johanna Greif
Fiona H. and Viole M. spoke to the King County Council Committee of the Whole on September 2, 2015.  The council invited 4-H and Enumclaw Expo to testify about King County Fair and 4-H.  Fiona and Viole, along with several other youth from other King County 4-H clubs, provided information and testimony to the council about what the fair and the 4-H program means to and has done for them.  Part of the 4-H curriculum is to do a public presentation each year - this is an example of how public presentations apply to real world situations.  Well done, Fiona and Viole!


Summer Hiatus and Washington State 4-H Fair

Kelsey Creek Critters is on summer hiatus until the new 4-H year begins in October 2015.  We look
forward to coming back to an educational barn that will have a brand new roof and jumping back into service with Farm Fair on October 10, 2015 at Kelsey Creek Farm.  Our regular meeting schedule will resume on October 6, 2015 at 7pm.

As of this date, nine Critters have qualified for and registered to participate in the Washington State 4-H Fair in Puyallup September 18-20.  If you qualified for state fair, didn't register at county fair but would like to participate, you need to let Nancy Baskett by August 28 which is the deadline for all county fair entries.  Come see the following 4-Hers at state fair in the rabbit barn September 18-20:

Viole M. - junior
Nancy V. - junior
Warren V. - junior
Linda V. - intermediate (state judging team)
Claire B. - senior (state judging team)
Scarlet B. - senior (state judging team)
Fiona H. - senior (state judging team)
Paul S. - senior (state judging team)
Teresa V. - senior (state judging team)