Rainier Rabbits Double ARBA Youth and 4-H Show May 30

Rainier Rabbits 4-H and ARBA Club in Enumclaw is having the next King County show that will be a qualifier for King County Fair.  A link to the show flyer and entry form is attached to this post.  The judges will be George Germaine and Cindy Wickizer - Cindy will be the judge at King County Fair in July.  This is an excellent opportunity to see what Cindy is like before fair.  It is also an excellent opportunity to get your animals evaluated more than once for type.

The flyer indicates there is limited space for entries so get your entries in early!  The show will be held at the Enumclaw Expo where King County Fair takes place in July.  Entries made by mail will be on time if received by May 21 and email entries will be on time if received by May 23.

Cancelled May 5 Business Meeting

Due to back injury on part of leader, tonight's business meeting is cancelled.  Please check your email for more details.


Eastside Rabbits and Cavies Challenge Show

Click the link below for information on the challenge show Eastside Rabbits & Cavies will be hosting May 16th! 

ERC Challenge Show Flyer

This event has been cancelled by Eastside Rabbits and Cavies 4-H Club


Completed Club Logo!!

Here it is everyone!:

So exited to have it as our new logo!

Edit: I also got the logo for my rabbitry done, here it is:

Thought you guys might want to see it ;)


KCC Logo Commission Update

Here is this beginning sketch for the logo i ordered for our club <3
It should be done soon! We are still messing around with the placing of everything, but it will look absolutely fantastic when she is done!

Updated again (lines done!):
Update with color:

Abby very smartly looked up the 4-H emblem rules before we finished up and found out that if using the 4-H logo, you can't cover it up whatsoever! This gave us the choice between making the 4-H clover hover above the rabbits, or making just a regular clover(without the 4 H's) behind the rabbits like we had it before. Have a preference? Email me! Click here to see 4-H emblem rules.


Greensleeves 4-H Club Spring Rabbit Show Sign Up

On March 28th Greensleeves 4-H Club is having a show. We would like 100% attendance at this show, so get your sign up sheets in! Click here to see the entry form:


Rainier Rabbits ARBA youth show, Enumclaw Fairgrounds

Ok everyone! As you might remember us mentioning at past rabbits meetings, Rainier Rabbits is having a show on march 7th! Click here to see the entry form:

It is now to late to send in the entries by mail, but you can still pre-register over email, or just sign up the day of the show <3